Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Isn't She Lovely

For those who don't know me well, I lost one of the most important people in my life on November 20 2005. My cousin by birth, Tahnee Ylonne Jackson was the sister of my heart. She was kidnapped and murdered and it has been really hard to deal with. She left two beautiful daughters (one of whom is featured in a layout here) and a host of other grieving family members. Thanks to the randomness of the web, we now have a long lost video (1999) of my cousin in a hilarious situation in Denny's of all places. Have a good laugh and enjoy this video......I know I did. Tahnee, I know you are laughing right along with us.......

I promise to do better

and what happens...I don't post for ANOTHER two have had a fun filled summer but have also experienced some great challenges....Fun things include our trip to Geauga Lake (I got hubby on the Dominator), two trips to Pymatuning State Park Beach, and our new kittens.

Challenges include losing two kittens and Lucien (I miss my big fluffy kitty), having our circuit breaker fail and not have power in my bedroom or my eldest daughters room for almost a month. My mom and grand mom both had serious hospital stays but the Lord is our strength and has held us in his arms.

We are trying to get a home biz selling urban apparel and shoes off the ground. We already have registered two domains & and a myspace as well (FEEL FREE TO PLACE ORDERS). The ebay store/auctions will be online hopefully soon.

Pray for us and our continued health and strength!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Been so long....

I have been a bad bad updates, pictures nothing in SIX months. Well I pwomise to do better.....I have found some new blogs to link to....a monday menu plan that i am just DYING to get started on.

Now that I am working full time in a banking call center, it is more critical than everto get organized. I did a whole blog on being the contentious wife ("It is better to dwell in a corner of a housetop than in a house shared with a contentious wife. The contentions of a wife are a continual dripping. - Proverbs 21:9, 19:13, 27:15.) Thats not the Proverbs woman I want to be known as. Thats not who I am...and its not who I want to be. So I have decided to commit to changing our lives. I am going to change me and know that change from my household will follow.

I need HELP. I have tried Fly Lady....Large Home Logistics and neither quite fit with my family. So I am on a quest to get my house in order. I am encouraged that out of the last 8 Sundays my husband has attended church with us 5 times. He did not attend at all last year. He has changed somethings that disturbed me and seems to try to change when I impress upon him that I am serious about things bothering me.

anyone have any suggestions???

Monday, December 18, 2006

Whose your favorite book character/family?

If you could visit any book, and live inside of it, meet the characters, etc.... what book would you want to visit?

I have ALWAYS had my fave book families & or people I wanna meet
  1. Pevensies - Chronicles of Narnia
  2. Jamie & Claire Fraser - Outlander Series
  3. Meg, Sandy, Denys, Charles Wallace Murry - Wrinkle in Time series
  4. Anita Blake - Laurell Hamilton's Vampire Hunter Series
  5. Dr. Kay Scarpetta & Benton - Patricia Cornwell
  6. Dr. Alex Cross, Nana Mama, Jannie, & Damon - James Patterson
I could go on...................

Monday, August 28, 2006

monday madness

monday madness: "
1. Do you do dishes by hand or do you use a dishwasher? Hand...but the hands usually belong to someone other than me

2. How many people have your cell phone number? no cell

3. Do you shower in the morning or at night? both

4. Do you ever have a song 'stuck' in your head? ALL the time...

5. Do you pay your bills when they arrive, or do you wait until closer to the due date to pay them? due date

6. Are you obsessive about anything in particular? I hate icky stuff on my hands...

7. What one thing would you say you have a zero tolerance for?" Intolerance

Monday, August 14, 2006

Zaniyah's Birth Story

I woke up about 6 am. I had been having contractions off and on for about last three days. But I knew as soon as I woke up , these were real deal. I sat at the computer trying to finish up a paper I that was due in ac ouple days but found I was so excited I couldnt concentrate. I was finally going to meet my princess! DH was sleeping peacefully so I left him that way. I showered and continued to putter around until about 10 am when contractions were about ten minutes apart. My doc gave me her cell number about three weeks ago at a office visit and told me call her directly when I thought it was time so she woudl have plenty of time to get to the hospital. I called her and told her the ctx were ten min apart and about 15 secs in duration. She was very excited (she is an excitable person..:p) and told me she would meet me at the hospital.
Dh was still in a shock a bit but gamely drove me to hospital. Once we got there, things did not go as well as expected. LOL! I was 5-6 cm dilated and 75 effaced. No problems there but when they went to break my water, she was sunny side up and so close to the bag, they couldn't hook the membranes. After about three hours of EXCRUCIATING pain (and me crying and yelling at my dh), I jumped out of the bed and started walking around. DH was very surpised as I am usually very calm and focused during labor. The doc was like if it feels better to walk then walk. After about few minutes, I felt a gush of fluid and in a very nasty tone (VERY unlike me) I asked the nurse if water had finally busted or had I pissed myself. DH is looking at me like um maybe I should be elsewhere right about now. The nurse used a swab that tested the ph and determined it was amniotic fluid. The nurse asked me to get in bed on my jands and knees to see if we could get my labor to progress. I complied but when she laid her hand on my back I yelled DONT TOUCH ME. She was like well honey I need to check how far you are. Still yelling I replied NOT RIGHT dh looked shocked and replied to my doc she sounds like a man :p....Before she could respond, I told the doc I need to push. DH says you cant do it like that. The doc says oh yes she can if its more comfortable for her. I pushed once and delivered head and shoulders. Second time my darling was born. DH took lots of pictures and cut the cord.

Niyah's Birth
Aug 14, 2006 - 5 Photos

monday madness

monday madness: "
I meant to post these questions before midnight Sunday, but fell asleep instead! I hope you still have time to play! And thanks so much for your participation! =)

1. How many 'people' pictures do you have displayed in your house?

2. How many times a month/year do you rearrange your furniture?

3. Do you check your email every day? If so, how many times a day?
yes probably too least 15x

4. How often do you generally look at a clock/watch on any given day?

5. How do you handle telemarketer phone calls?"
Thank you but I am not interested please remove my name from your list.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


With much ado...I would like to introduce

Zaniyah Ylonne Kelis
born 07/09/06 1:22 pm
6 lbs 7 oz
20 inches long

Monday, August 07, 2006

monday madness

monday madness: "
Good Monday morning to you all! Let's get on with this week's questions...

1. Are you working on any big projects around your house right now?
I wanna replace my bathtub faucet. However being 37 weeks pregnant MIGHT not be the ideal time to do it!!!

2. If so, tell us about it; if not, do you have any plans to do so in the near future? The project I would like to be working on is LABOR...I want this baby outta me!!! 37 weeks 2 days and counting

3. How do you generally pay for merchandise at your local store? Debit, credit, check, or cash? debit

4. Which month of the year seems to go by the fastest? All ofthem

5. Which day of the week seems to go by the fastest? Sunday

6. Have you taken up any new hobbies lately?" No but I have taken my hobby to a new level by creating digital scrapbooking kits